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The Quintessential Wine for Thanksgiving

Light tannins and acidity. Berries, plums, earthy-tones. Our 2013 Pinot Noir is the perfect pairing for your holiday meal this Thursday.  It goes well with a variety of different turkey preparations and is light enough that it will not overpower your meal. The acidity helps cut through rich foods and round out flavors while the berry notes accentuate cranberry flavors throughout.  No matter what you pair your turkey with this holiday, we hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving with family and friends!! ~ The Crew @ Backstay Wine Co.         

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Mare-what?! The unusually hardy wine grape that pairs well with Thanksgiving.

Marechal Foch (pronounced: "mer-shall foshe"). This lesser-known varietal packs a lot of flavor and is a wonderfully food-friendly wine. It's bursting with fruity flavors, yet finishes with a nice subtlety that will leave you wanting more. It pairs well with roasts and game meat such as deer or elk. It also is a great wine for the holidays. In fact, Whole Foods in the Pearl District is featuring ours for Thanksgiving! A French hybrid grape, it is not used in commercial winemaking in Europe due to European Union regulations. The date it was introduced to the USA is unknown; but it was planted in Canada for the first time in 1946.  Marechal Foch is every winegrower's dream grape: it is...

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A white wine with my Thanksgiving menu? Yes, please!

Looking for a white wine to pair with your Thanksgiving feast? Our 2015 Riesling has a fantastic, aromatic nose and will pair with many of your Thanksgiving dishes as an appetizer with cold meats, salamis and cheeses or garlicky, herby dishes such as: Green bean casserole with fried shallots Herbed chestnut, cranberry, and apple stuffing Caramelized onion stuffing with apples and sage Roasted Brussel sprouts and squash with dried cranberries Dishes our 2015 Riesling should stay AWAY from: Not many!! With that said, you will not enjoy the full expression of flavor the Riesling has to offer if paired with spicy dishes, including sauces. We hope this gave you some Thanksgiving menu and wine pairing inspiration. Reds are not the...

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