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Willamette Valley Wine

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Backstay wine with fresh, blank oak label

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What people are saying

"Not just a fancy label, this up and coming winery is producing some AMAZING Pinot! Everything you could like about Oregon wine is here. Strong berry fruit balanced out by light elegance and acidity, with a nice earthy undertone throughout. Pair this wine with a glass, because that's all it needs." ~Malt and Vine, Redmond WA

"My parents came to visit for a week and had never been to Oregon. We had your Hunters Pinot and their minds were blown. EVERY glass of wine for the rest of the week was compared to it (and nothing beat it out). My dad was trying to figure out how to bring back to NY! Thank you for making such beautiful product!! ~Nicole G.

"I tried the white blend last night and IT WAS THE BEST WINE I HAVE EVER HAD. Mind blown!" ~Anna M. 

"I got to sample Backstay wine today and was delighted in the beautiful wines you have! Thanks for making quality wine!" ~Nicole C. 

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