Our Story




Whether you are able to make it out to the rolling hills of Willamette Valley, Oregon to go wine tasting or not, we want to bring the experience of the vineyard and wine-making process to your living room. Backstay Wine Co. started out small, a husband and wife venture making wine from the vineyard they helped manage for family Christmas gifts. Along the way, things started to grow and progress as the wine became more and more popular among family, and their modest 15 cases per year turned into 50, turned into 100...and so on! Laura Hunter officially opened the business in 2015 while pregnant with her firstborn. Never forgetting its small roots, Backstay Wine Co. aims to create quality premium, minimal-intervention wines that feature the ‘best of’ the Northwest’s wine country and varietals.

We hope you enjoy your time on our site; but more importantly we hope you enjoy a glass with friends and family soon.


Cheers to you and yours, 

Laura and Ryan Hunter