Basic Design

Basic Design

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At the start of your project you will receive a questionnaire for us to learn a little more about the direction and vibe of your label. You are more than welcome to submit artwork, a picture or text you want featured on the label at this time.

Based off your preferences we will then draft two front label options for you to choose from.

Once your front label design is chosen it's time to move to the back. We will finalize your chosen design with your front label's color palette as well as a quote or saying you would like to include.

We can also include a QR code on the back label that links to a website of your choice. If you would like us to host a link to a 'thank you' page or picture gallery, let us know! Web hosting starts at $5 / month.

Once we receive final approval from you for both the front and back label, we will send them to be licensed, printed and then labeled. Once labeled, we will ship via FedEx directly to your door or business!